How people react when they receive language stickers as a gift

If you are reading this article then you might be considering getting a gift for someone who is learning a new language. So what I’ve done here is to give you some idea of how people react when they receive language stickers as a birthday or Christmas gift. 

We will be looking at kids, teens and adults. I’ll detail their initial reactions, uptake of the product as well as later feedback on how they used them. This information was gleaned through feedback from past customers as well as our own experiences in giving language stickers as gifts. 


Honestly, the first few seconds after a kid tears off the wrapping of some language stickers is confusion because, by the shape of the item, they were usually led to believe they were getting a book. This then quickly turns to curiosity and a little bit of delight when they realize it’s not a book (because who really wanted to receive a book as a gift when they were 10 years old, right?).

Older kids will work out what the product is by the packaging but younger ones (ages 7-9) might require a little help. The gift giver usually then explains the use - that the kids use these stickers to learn a new language. It will soon dawn on the child that they now have licence to completely transform their bedroom (and maybe the whole house if Mom and Dad let them).

Most kids will be a little hesitant to stick on the first sticker as they have been taught from a young age to not write on the walls or make a mess, so they may need a little coaxing. But, after they realize they actually are allowed to stick them all over the place then they will be running back and forth transforming the whole house. 

This makes the kids feel powerful as they are rarely allowed to decide on such visual changes to their environment. The whole sticking process can last between 30-90 minutes. You need to be prepared to try and keep up with your child’s learning as they will want to involve you in the process by asking you to name certain items and showing how much smarter they are than you. Our tip is to try to encourage the language uptake as much as you can - you can also assist this after a few days by quizzing the kids on different vocabulary. 



Teens understand what the product is and see the value in it but they are still young enough to be excited to transform their environment like kids are - especially the entire house; not just their own room. So teens, like kids, will be excited to start placing their stickers all over everything. They will do this independently and would still like to involve you in the process of learning. They will be more likely than kids to want you to quiz them. This usually happens during normal family time lounging around the house or when doing chores. For example, practicing kitchen vocab while the teen is loading up the dishwasher is a good opportunity for multitasking. 


Adults will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift. Buying language stickers for a loved one shows that you care about their interests and them developing their language skill. Adults will recognize that you are interested in their interests which is a really nice feeling for people. You will likely joke about visitors or housemates thinking they are a little crazy to have labelled every item in their house. 

If they are already learning the target language, they will likely have a few post it notes stuck up around the place and they will have had to work a good while creating those post it notes. So handing them a pack of over 300 language stickers will also be appreciated from a sheer workload saving point of view. 

There are also a few stickers that they will get a laugh out of in the pack - so you will likely get a funny photo or text a few days after as they have discovered some of the more ‘colloquial’ terms included. 

Giving an adult a pack of language stickers also opens-up this as an on-going topic you two can discuss - an area you can show further interest in in their lives and strengthen your friendship.     

If you can think of someone in your life who is learning a new language, you can order a pack for them today here.
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