Our story

makelanguagestick.com was founded by us, Mitch and Chris, while we were course-mates on a grueling year-long government language course. At that time, we found that the biggest hurdle to achieving fluency was the sheer amount of vocabulary required to be learned. After having spent hours writing out our new vocab on sticky notes and posting those notes around the house and office, we knew there was a better way.

So after creating initial batches of stickers for ourselves and our classmates, we found that we had language instructors asking for their own batches and in all different languages! From that point we realized what a powerful tool our stickers were, not just for boosting your vocabulary, but also locking it into long-term memory.  

Mitch is a training systems specialist whose work in the military saw him design technician, pilot and pre-deployment training. His background is in education and language acquisition which he taught at the university level prior to joining the military. Mitch holds both a Bachelor and Master of education and was primarily responsible for selecting the most relevant and applicable vocabulary used at makelanguagestick.com. 

Chris is an aeronautical engineer who has managed military aircraft systems for over ten years. He has seen first-hand, whilst deployed overseas, the immense value of language in bridging cultures and developing mutual understanding. He took a keen interest in ensuring the stickers were able to be used under almost any conditions. Due to Chris' efforts, our stickers won't leave a mark once removed and are even dishwasher proof.