How to get the most out of your language stickers in 5 easy steps!


Okay, so you’ve ordered your language stickers labels from, and today is the day - they have been delivered to your door. Yay! So, now what? What is the most effective way to get the most out of the language labels stickers system? The main reason why language stickers are so effective is their simplicity. Follow this easy 5 step guide and your vocabulary will expand before you can say rapide, 速い, veloce, rápido, 快... you get the picture! 

STEP 1. Unwind the box to find over 300 language labels! We have taken the hard work out of selecting the most useful vocabulary and putting them onto elegant, high quality stickers. Meaning you can focus on the fun stuff - learning them, fast! 

STEP 2. Walk around your house and put the stickers on their respective items - the sticker for remote goes on, yep you guessed it, your remote! No trick questions here. Some of the nouns are best placed next to the items - for example the label for clothes can be placed in your wardrobe or on some drawers. Treat it like a linguistic treasure hunt and involve friends or family if you like. In addition to nouns, we have also included some verbs and phrases. Use your imagination to find the best home for them. For example, you can put ‘go to sleep’ next to your bed. My girlfriend put ‘dog kennel’ on my office door - not sure I feel about that but the main point is to have fun with it! 

STEP 3. Every time you use or see an object, say the word out loud in the language you are learning. Once by reading it and once with your eyes closed. This will help train your memory and speed up the learning process. 


STEP 4. Practice! Practice! Practice! As you get more familiar with the words, try to say it’s name without reading the sticker. After you have tried, check to see if you were right. 

STEP 5. Impress your friends and family by using your newfound vocabulary in the wild. It’s really that simple. By using this simple system, you will rapidly increase your vocabulary, and through regular practice you will ensure it gets lodged in your long term memory through the powerful scientific wizardry that is spaced repetition. 

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